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On completion of your microblading treatment, you will be given personal after care instructions to ensure that you retain optimum results. By not caring for your eyebrows carefully during the healing time, you may find that they begin to fade or have uneven areas.

Immediately After the Treatment

Once the microblading treatment is completed, you will be given guidance on how best to care for your brows before your follow up appointment, which will be around 4-6 weeks later.


Your therapist will apply protective balm over the area to prevent dust and other foreign objects from entering the area, thus preventing infection. If during healing process dust or dirt enter the eyebrow area, use an alcohol wipe to remove it.


Your eyebrows will look darker than their true colour immediately after your session as epidermis needs to recover after the treatment. Healing process lasts between 5-7 days after your treatment.

What to Avoid in the First Seven Days

You need to avoid excessive exercise, swimming pool, steam room and sauna during the first week after your microblading treatment. It might seem hard for you, but it is so worth it in a long run!


Itchy eyebrows and some small scabs are perfectly normal and a part of the healing process. Please avoid scratching or picking the area as it can lead to a loss of pigmentation and uneven results once healed.


Avoid getting hair in the eyebrow area to prevent infection. So, if you have a fringe, you will need to pin it away from your face during the first week.

What to Expect After the First Week

Pigment fully develops within your skin during the first four weeks after your microblading treatment. That is why we run follow up appointments between fourth to sixth week after your treatment.


Want to Learn More About How to Care for Your Eyebrows?

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