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Secrets of Microblading and Successful Business™


From a natural look to Instagram famous brow designs… We will cover it all in our award-winning extensive programme. You will learn Microblading, Nanoblading, Ombre, Powder, Combo, Hybrid and a few trademarked, exclusive to us techniques, developed by worldwide experience and knowledge. Our signature brow shaping technique will help you to become an Eyebrow Queen in no time.

One to one live model training helps to master the new skills in a friendly and supportive environment. We will also unveil all secrets of succeeding in this highly competitive business during our intensive course. Learn how to create Oscar-worthy eyebrows and market domination strategies with the Ultimate Microblading Leader!

Best Trainers of the Industry
One to One Tuition
Live Model Training
Unlimited Support
Suitable for Beginners & Advanced
#1 Academy in the U.K. and Globally
Innovative Techniques
Instant Completion
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Fully Accredited
Insurance Guaranteed
Premier Professional Kit